Monday, November 07, 2011

Running the ROC Race

This weekend was the ROC race.  That's Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge.  I ran it with Sanjay, whom I hadn't seen since May.  And we had a blast.

This techincally wasn't a mud run.  Having said that, there were some definitely muddy spots, and a couple of them were designed that way.  But they were never more than a few inches deep and we didn't have to crawl through any of them.

We did, however, have to navigate some water.  I completely failed the monkey bars, and that meant some water.  There was a slip and slide at one point.  They were using hoses to wet us down at another.  And there were water pits under a rope bridge and a rope swing, the final two obstacles.

I was ridiculously pleased with how well I did climbing up a few things that were rather steep and had a rope to help us climb over.  I'm wondering if I gave up too soon on the wall at the Gladiator Rock n Run.

One of my favorite obstacles was the giant inflatable slide.  Yeah, this was run with some obstacles like that.

Then again, they took advantage of the cold snap we had over the weekend to put some ice/snow on the tire mountain and in the tubes we had to crawl through.  That was very cold.  Ironically enough, the polar plunge was warmer than I expected.

Fortunately, we caught a break in the weather and it was sunny and warm enough for the wetness.

As I said, it was lots of fun.  There were about 20 obstacles over the 5K, so it wasn't a road race with a few obstacles.  There were definitely lots of obstacles.  Plus it was at the LA County fairgrounds.  I've never been to the fair, and I enjoyed watching all of that.

And since it wasn't a mud run, just rinsed off my shoes and hands after the race and we were good to go.  It had been warm while we were running, but I think trying to clean off at the end would have been too cold!

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