Saturday, October 08, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for October 8th

The Amazing Race - I really can't believe that Ethan and Jenna are gone.  How horrible for the first ever double elimination to take out someone I wanted to see last for a long time.  Why couldn't the brother/sister team go?  Yeah, I found the gay couple annoying and honestly I didn't think they'd last long, so it's no real surprise that they are gone, too.

The Sing-Off - I often say I don't know how the judges do it, and this week was a good example.  Every group had at least one strong performance.  Okay, so some of them also had weak performances mixed in there, but how do you cut one of those groups?  This season is just amazing.

Castle - Another very fun episode with lots of great funny lines.  And I like that they are giving Alex a several episode storyline again.  Hopefully they don't drop it like they did Ashley for most of the season last year.  The captain is proving to be a fun foil for Castle, so that's great.

Terra Nova - So, everyone is here in Terra Nova because of the wife's ex-boyfriend.  That won't be awkward.  I was glad to see the teens acting responsible this week.  A continuation of the repel/rule breaker would have grown tiring quickly.  And I think some of those scenes were specifically inspired by The Birds.  How could the one where the birds kept multiplying on the wires not be directly taken from the movie?

Dancing with the Stars - Yeah, I was shocked when the couple leaving was announced.  Most of the couples really did step up their game, but there are some obvious couples that need to go first.  Let's get to it, America.

Ringer - They weren't kidding when they said that they weren't going to drag things out indefinitely.  The friend figured out that Shobian was the one having the affair with her husband, and to keep her quiet, Bridget told her the truth.  My jaw dropped several times in the course of that episode.  Meanwhile, what is Shobian up to back in Paris?  I can't wait to see the next episode.

Survivor - Brandon needs to learn to shut his mouth.  I'm getting tired of listening to him whining.  And I'm tired of those who are voted out acting so bitter and angry.  Then again, I wouldn't have taken a hug from Coach or anyone else after being voted out.  And I felt sorry for her since she was the last one on her team at the challenge.

Big Bang Theory - A relatively clean show, and a pretty funny one.  We found out something interesting about Raj, although I kinda suspected that all along.  It's a shame his romance was destined to be a one episode thing but I actually thought it was rather brilliant.  But I loved the sub-plot with Sheldon letting the dice decide his life.  In fact, I would have preferred more of that.

How to be a Gentleman - I really thought I'd stop watching the show after this episode, but I've got to admit I kind of like it.  The main character reminds me a bit too much of myself, and I think that's probably why.  Of course, it's getting bumped and will probably we canceled in a week or two, so it's not that big a deal.  And I'll be the first to admit it's not the funniest comedy.

Charlie's Angels - Now here's a show I'll admit to being much more upset about when it gets canceled.  It seems to be getting more fun every week.  Of course, I'd like it if the mystery of the week told us something about the other Angels for a change.  And yes, I'm even getting used to Victor Garber as Charlie.  This one could still turn out to be pretty fun, poor dialogue and all.

Nikita - That was a bit more serious than I was expecting from the outset.  Wasn't really worried about Michael, but it was still an interesting twist at the end.  And was it me or did Alex take that shot?  That will make for some changes next week.  This week's was certainly better than last weeks, which still left me feeling like they are setting major things in motion.  Again, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't nearly as gripping as most episodes were last season.

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