Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for October 22nd

So close.  I'm caught up on everything but The Sing-Off.  Won't get to that tonight, so I'll have to try to work it in over the next couple of days.  I just don't see myself watching it all at once, but we'll see what happens.  Meanwhile, here's my take on the new stuff from this week.

The Amazing Race - I'll admit, I wasn't only half watching the race this week.  Again.  Even so, I wasn't at all surprised that the snowboarders came in first on this leg.  As soon as I saw the tasks at the detour, I knew it was theirs to lose.  I hope they keep it up because I like them.  They just need to avoid mistakes like they did at the airport.

Terra Nova - For a while I was thinking they were leaving the dinosaurs out of that episode, but one did make a cameo.  Interesting ideas they are forming about the leader of Terra Nova.  I'm wondering what the real story is.  And I'm wondering what that devise the girl was sent to retrieve is.

Castle - "I don't take things that belong to other people."  Talk about a great line.  And I really like how they played with Castle and Beckett's relationship.  Plus I can't believe that Ryan and Sharpay Evan's mom was the killer.

Dancing with the Stars - So, apparently I'm the only one who thought it was beyond time for Carson to go.  He's fun, don't get me wrong.  But he's not a good dancer.  For him to stay while a better dancer left wouldn't have been right.  And yes, I've figured that out without watching the entire performances the last two weeks.

Last Man Standing - I'm torn on this show.  In all three episodes, it seems like we're supposed to be mocking Tim Allen's character, who is ultra conservative.  But he happens to be right, at least some of the time.  Are we going with an Archie Bunker thing here or are they going to prove that maybe he's not so bad after all more often like at the end where his daughter was defending him?

Ringer - Watched the two episodes I hadn't seen back to back.  So Shaban had Gemma killed for some reason?  What was it?  And why did Bridgette make sure her prints were on the evidence?  I knew they wouldn't find Bridget's sponser since they had tipped off the bad guys.  So how long will he be their prisoner, and did he give Bridget up?  This show gets more intriguing every week.

Psych - The Hangover didn't interest me.  Royal Pains did an episode based on the premise that was okay.  So I wasn't expecting much from this episode, but it was lots of fun.  The mystery was pretty good as well.  And the ending had me in stitches.  Much better than last week's premier.

Survivor - Ozzie wasn't quite as bad the whole way through, but I can understand his reaction at being blindsided.  And yes, some weeks I think people are over reacting.  But when you think you are in charge of things and they vote out your closest allie, it's going to hurt.  Meanwhile, at the other tribe, Brandon is indeed a lose cannon, but keeping secrets from him, especially when you are going to keep talking about being honest, is just going to make the situation worse.  Yes, Coach, I'm looking directly at you.  And speaking of which, threatening to punch someone for using your real name?  So over the top I don't even know where to start.

Charlie's Angels - I'm really sorry this show has been canceled.  The pilot was by far the weakest episode.  The rest have been fun.  No, it's not amazing or spectacular, but it's escapist fair, and that's all it was trying to be, really.  And I felt it fit the original pretty well, not that I've watched the originals that recently.

The Big Bang Theory - I'm not a huge fan of Sheldon's mom just because she is usually an excuse to mock Christians based on stereotypes.  Even so, I found the episode very funny.  I laughed so hard at this episode.  It's nice to find a batch of decent episodes on the show again.  They seem to be finding their groove in season 5.

Nikita - Last week was some more back story on Nikita as we finally saw the mission where she escaped Division.  This week, we got a little bit more on Michael, and it was interesting.  I expected Alex to figure out that Nikita was around, so I liked the fact that she never did.  This may be my favorite episode of the season so far since it feels like the story is beginning to move forward again.

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