Saturday, October 01, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for October 1st

You'll notice Nikita is missing from the list.  I'm not in town tonight, so I doubt I'm going to get it watched until Sunday at the earliest.  That's the problem with Friday night episodes, at least as far as my Saturday recaps.  But trust me, the show isn't off my watch list.

The Amazing Race - How lucky was that team?  Someone found their passport and got it to them at LAX?  I really was worried they'd not be able to go.  Then the grandparents were saved by a non-elimination leg.  I was happy about that because they seem nice.  And the clue in the billboard was freaking impossible!  But the boats look like lots of fun.  I would have loved to do that.

The Sing-Off - I know we're still getting to know the groups, but again I was amazed by how well all of them did.  Wasn't that surprised by who went home, and I think I see a few others coming soon if they don't blow the judges away, but they are all impressive.

Terra Nova - I almost turned this one off part way through the first hour because it was moving so slowly.  But I kept going and I'm kinda hooked.  I'm intrigued by the rock drawings and wondering what all that means.  There are lots of different avenues they can explore, and I want to know what is really going on.  We'll see how I'm feeling in a couple of weeks, but for now I plan to keep watching.

Castle - How fun was that?  I knew that a superhero episode would provide plenty of fun, and I was right.  The twists were fairly good, too.  Certainly kept me guessing.  The new Captain just doesn't get it yet, but there is hope.  If they play it out too quickly, it will just ruin the point of bringing in someone who doesn't like Castle, but I do like the fact that we've seen some hope for her to thaw.

Dancing with the Stars - I really thought it was David's week to go, which would give me less reason to watch.  I was really surprised he remained.  I definitely feel like the judges were right on Chaz.  That was by far the slowest Quickstep I've ever seen.

Ringer - It was nice to see more of Shibaun than just those few seconds at the end.  Now she knows her own secret.  That's going to make things interesting.  I feel so sorry for Bridget's sponsor who was questioned by the bad guy and shot up with drugs at the end.  Talk about a true and loyal friend.  Boy, I did not recognize the best friend at all.  And Bridget?  Using the FBI agent like she did was brilliant.

Survivor - I still do not understand why people take getting voted out so personally.  That's the point of the game!  (And the reason I am not on the show.  Well, one of the reasons.)  Brandon is definitely part crazy, but I absolutely feel for him.  And I'm thinking Ozzy chose the wrong person to trust with the knowledge that he found the idol.

Charlie's Angels - There were still some cheesy lines and moments of poor acting, but I felt this week's was better than last week.  I even had a better time accepting Victor Garber as Charlie.  But what I couldn't believe is that the one angel who tackled the guy into the drink looked so dry after we came back from commercial.  And I wasn't a fan of the shorter opening credits, but back when they did the original, there were fewer commercials.  Still, fun.  We'll see what I think next week.

Big Bang Theory - Definitely better than last week.  Sheldon and his trains were very funny.  Howard, Bernadette, and his mom were making me cringe, however.  Still, that whole train bit was too funny.

How to be a Gentleman - Okay, I caved and gave this one a try.  I can see potential, but I didn't find the pilot that funny.  I'll watch next week, but if it doesn't blow me away, I'm out of there.

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