Monday, October 03, 2011

Gladiator Rock n Run - Rose Bowl

So, when I found out this summer that Gladiator Rock ‘n’ Run was coming to the Rose Bowl, I had to try to go.  This was their third race, and the third one I’ve done.  Plus it was close, and running through the Rose Bowl sounded like fun.

I signed up with my friend Luke, who lives in Pasadena.  That worked out well because I got to spend Friday night with him.

We had an option of the 5K length or a 10K length.  Naturally, we went with the longer run and then questioned our sanity.  Turns out I’m glad we signed up for the longer race.

I guess we started out too fast because I was dying early on.  We stopped and walked a couple times in the first half since I was so tired.  Keep in mind that I ran 5.5 miles on Tuesday, and actually ran them all.

We started by running through the player’s tunnel into the Rose Bowl, and then up and down the stairs three times before leaving the stadium and hitting some obstacles on the streets.  The 10K portion actually took us up into the hills behind the Rose Bowl, which was really neat.  I couldn’t believe how in nature we actually were a couple of points so close to such a big landmark and city.

When we rejoined the main course, I was afraid we might hit lots of crowds at a few of the obstacles, but most of the 5K racers (who started after us) must not have hit the second half of their course yet because we didn’t have long waits at the two last obstacles.  Just 15 minutes after we finished, the lines were huge at the obstacles I couldn’t do, the one where you have to use a rope to climb a wall with no braces on it.  I actually surprised myself by making it to the top, but that’s when my feet started to slip.  A couple of people tried to provide braces for my feet to I could push up and over, but I’m not sure that would have worked.  I didn’t try, but now I’m kind of wishing I could have tried.

Anyway, they had a mud pit with a tunnel early on and one to crawl through near the end.  Plus what was supposed to be ice water to walk through, although it felt great since the weather was hot that day.  We ran through a creek in the back section.  This mud run always has giant wooden spools we have to get over, and usually I struggle with them, but this time I sailed right over both times we saw them.  I got more of a running start than normal.  Maybe that’s the secret.

Anyway, we had fun.  And I kept the mud out of my eyes for a change, which really helped with how they were feeling the rest of the day.  When we went to clean up, there weren’t long lines at the hoses, but boy the water pressure was low.  That’s really my only complaint on a day that was lots of fun.

But the aftermath!  My calves have been killing me since the race.  All I can figure is the stairs were too much for them.  I am hobbling around, and really struggling when I have to go down stairs.  Not sure why they are bothering me so much, but I hope it goes away soon.


Fitness Freak said...

Sounds perfect, Great share, hope your legs would be back to normal soon.

Mark said...

They're doing better today. Hopefully just another day or two before I'm back to normal.