Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Into Reading Questions 3 and 4

Since I was internet less last week, I'm going to do questions 3 and 4 from Callapidder Days this week.  (Why didn't I do this yesterday?  Because I just plan ran out of time.)

On what devices, if any, do you read books? Or are you strictly a “physical book” reader?

I do have some reading apps on my iPod Touch, specifically Kindle for iPhone and Barnes and Noble's reading apps.  But I've read one story and one book on them, I think.  If that.  I am very much a physical book person.  Which leads into this week's question.

How large is your personal/family collection of books? And where do you keep them?

Large.  I don't know how many books I actually have.  I have some boxes down in the garage.  And I have bookcases in the condo overflowing with books.  I should probably weed through them and cut some of them out, but I hate to get rid of books, even giving them away.  If only I could fit more physical books into my crowded condo (along with my DVD's).

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