Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Double Dose of Book Signings

You think that doing a 10K mud run was enough excitement for one weekend?  Well, you'd be wrong.  I also made it to two book signings at Vroman's in Pasadena this weekend.

Actually, that part worked out well, especially on Saturday.  The friend I did the mud run with lives near there, so I just hung out with him and his girlfriend until it was time for the book signing.

Saturday was Joanne Fluke.  Yeah, I know I had just seen her on Sunday at the launch party, but since that bookstore sold out of books and I needed more copies to give as gifts, I had to catch up with her at some point again.  This was the time that would work best (since when she's here in town I'll be busy).  Actually, I bought all the books for the book signings Friday night, so there was no chance I wouldn't get them that way.  Had a good time, and I got more of the Lime Balls and Triple Fudge she had at the launch party.  Yum!

I did drive home Saturday night since I had to be at church Sunday morning.  But Sunday afternoon found me heading back to Vroman's for Michael Buckley.  He was back promoting his new NERDS book, but there was lots of talk about his Sisters Grimm series as well.  He's a nice guy and remembered me from two years ago.  Of course, it probably helped that last time I was one of three people there and this time I was the only adult there because I'm a fan and not with kids.

Of course, that meant I was hardly home all weekend.  It's one reason I took Friday off, so I could do laundry and other stuff since I was in Pasadena so much.  I grabbed dinner with my friend after the signing, then came back to hang out with the usual Sunday night crew and meet one couple's new son.

So yes, it was a very busy weekend.  But I enjoyed every minute of it.

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