Monday, September 05, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for...Um

So, obviously, I didn't get this posted Saturday like I normally would. I've been busy, and when I was busy, I was lazy. In fact, I just wrote these thoughts up before I posted this. Not the best, but here goes.

Royal Pains - Looks like Divya's secret is about to come out.  What an ending.  I have a feeling that those final scenes will impact the rest of the season.  Not that the poor guy will be sick that long, but Divya's relationship with Hank and Evan.  I was glad that the situation with Paige's family seems to be taken care of for now, or at least I hope it is.  We'll just have to wait until January to find out.

Necessary Roughness - Another episode I actually enjoyed.  I may wind up giving this show another chance next season.  I was sorry to see Dani's new boyfriend leave already.  But I actually like TK in this one.  Yes, he should have called the cops before rushing over there, but he still did the right thing by going to make sure the kids were okay.  And Dani thanking him for it was good.

Melissa and Joey - Since I was a Boy Meets World fan, I was happy to see Matthew Lawrence again.  Poor Andy not getting to play a brother in the second episode, however.  They are really playing with the romantic tension, and I like it.  That's probably the biggest thing the episodes last season were missing.

Burn Notice - You knew that was coming eventually.  I just didn't figure that Michael would be arrest for Max's murder just as he was about to solve everything.  Man, I don't know how they will get out of that next week, but it's gonna be good.

Suits - Why does Gary Cole always play a bad guy?  As soon as he showed up, I knew it would be bad news.  Unfortunately, I was right.  Looks like next week will play off this week's.  And how can they be at a season finale already when Necessary Roughness still has more to go?  Unfair!

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