Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for September 24th

Yep, the fall TV season is in full swing.  Apart from Monday, it's not too bad right now, although it will get more crowded when the USA Network starts airing some shows in the coming weeks.  Actually, I've got two series I want to check out that start in October, too.  So I guess this is just the calm before the storm.

The Sing-Off - I do not envy the judges.  All those groups are good, and it is so hard to eliminate someone so soon.  In the first group, I wasn't sure who was going to go.  In the second, I knew it would be the group from Branson.  My roommate, a music major, was watching with me, and he pointed out the third group was out of key several times.  Yet the group from Branson was too showy, and the other group has too much potential for great TV/story.  It's a same, because I loved both the groups that left.

Castle - Not the light cases we're used to seeing, but such a good episode.  The writing for all the characters was perfect.  I know there's been lots of controversy over the new captain, but I think I actually like her.  She's going to bring a new tone to the show for sure, but I think it could work.  It will be very interesting to see how they play out that, the search for Kate's mom, and the fact that Kate remembers what Castle said in last season's cliffhanger.  This is going to be an interesting season.

Dancing with the Stars - Okay, I caved.  I had to see David Arquette dance at least once.  And I'm thinking I may watch the results show every week and only watch the performances if I really need to.  They recap everything you need to know, so I can probably do this show in 30 minutes a week.  I just can't give it up cold turkey.  Lots of new pros this season, and I'm not surprised one of them left first.  The pros are bigger stars than most of the stars this year.  Not surprised they left Chaz until last since they knew everyone who tuned in tuned in for that performance.  No real opinion on who went home and who stayed.

Ringer - I think I may be hooked.  I'm definitely intrigued.  The body in the chest reminded me way too much of Hitchcock's Rope, which I think was intentional.  SMG's acting still doesn't seem even, although it was less annoying this week.  And suddenly, I'm wondering if Shibon is the one who ordered the hit on her sister.  With a missing body, color me intrigued for next week.

Survivor - There is a time and a place to make your move.  Unless you are the leader, the very first tribal counsel isn't it.  Take your time, build up some good will with the others.  Then you can push your suggestion a bit more.  I wonder just how much Brandon's power play is going to hurt him.  And once again, the two returning members have put themselves in positions of power thanks to the awe from the others.  I don't think Coach was wrong to push Christine out after she opening called for him to go barely 5 minutes into the game, but I think she was definitely heading in the right direction with the idea of sending him packing early.

The Big Bang Theory - Well, they aren't off to the best start this season.  I didn't find either episode especially funny.  Plus they were overly crude.  Sheldon's bits were the best, with Amy a close second.  Hopefully, they go for the funny joke instead of the easy joke and really start to build in future episodes.

Charlie's Angels - I'd heard some very poor reviews of this one before I watched it.  And I'll confess the acting was uneven and the writing wasn't the best.  But I actually enjoyed it.  It didn't have quite the charm of the original, but I'm willing to give it another chance.  My biggest problem is with "Charlie."  I have a very hard time listening to Victor Garber doing that voice.  Plus he doesn't seem to be that into it.  If the reports are true, he just signed on for the part, so I'll cut him a little slack that this one was rushed and hope he improves in future episodes.

Nikita - The last few episodes of last season spoiled me.  Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a bad episode.  It just wasn't quite as action packed as they had been last season.  Then again, the stakes were very clearly defined and very high last season at the end.  Right now, they have to establish what has been changed, lay the groundwork for this season, and I think they did that quite admirably.  I do wonder why Nikita had to shot Alex after breaking her arm.  That seemed personal and overkill.  I think they set things up well for the new season.

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