Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Murrieta Mud Run

Yes, I finally got back in the mud on Saturday.  I left Friday to drive out to Murrieta for a mud run first thing Saturday morning.

This was different from most of the others I have done in that it was in town.  In fact, the start was pretty much at city hall.  But they had us run down a street to a field, and that's where the mud and obstacles were.  Another field held the rest and then we ran around to a final mud pit.

I signed up for this one because my friend Stephen Jones had decided he really wanted to do one, and this was the best one I found that was equa-distant from both of us.  We spent the night with a pastor friend of his in town, which was a very pleasant evening.

The obstacles on the website didn't turn out to be accurate for what they had for us.  We were supposed to have tunnels to crawl through, but that never happened.  We only had one place of hills and mud pits, not that I'm complaining because I always have a hard time getting up those hills since they are so slick.  And things were in a different order

But we still had lots of fun, and we were filthy by the end.  They actually put the tires for the tire obstacle in the mud, which is something I've never seen before, and I loved that twist on things.

The weather turned out to be perfect.  It had been very hot last week, but the prediction was that it would cool down that day.  We awoke to fog and temps around 60.  I was afraid that we'd be too cold, but since we ran a ways before the first mud pit, we warmed up enough that the mud didn't feel that cold.  The sun was just coming out as we were ready to leave, and I think if the sun had been out earlier, we would have been much warmer.

The waves were supposed to be 15 minutes apart, but I think they were 8 to 10 minutes apart max.  We were done much earlier than we thought we would be.  After grabbing an early lunch, we headed our separate ways.  Stephen has promised we'll do another mud run again.  (Well, there may have been a possibly in there some where, but I don't remember that part of things.)

All in all, it was a good chance to hang out with a friend I don't see nearly enough any more and have some more fun in the mud.  So it was a great day.

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