Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekly TV Recap June 11th

As you are reading this, I am started out on the Camp Pendleton Mud Run for the year.  (Assuming this actually posts when it is supposed to.  I've been having problems with that recently.)

You might have noticed I missed last week.  That was due to the fact that I had no new TV shows to watch.  USA gave In Plain Sight the week off due to the holiday.

But here are my thoughts on this week's three new shows.

In Plain Sight - Man, that guy was a creep, wasn't he? I did not like the outcome at all. I wanted him to fry as much as Mary did. It's funny because usually the show is about proving Mary wrong, but in this case she was right and still didn't get what she wanted.

White Collar - The entire time, I was wondering how they were going to keep the team together. Turns out they did it by changing the perspective on that opening scene. So, Mozzie stole the artifacts, huh? I really wasn't expecting that. And Peter is going to be watching Neal like a hawk. I've long loved their relationship, but it looks like it will really be tested this season. I still don't quite see how they can get out of this without ruining the show.

Covert Affairs - I so wish I could remember where we were with this show. I feel like I've been dropped into the deep end and I can't quite remember what all the pieces were. The episode of the week involving the tennis player was good, however. The other characters should just trust Annie's instincts. She is the main character, after all. I'm all ready for the crossover with In Plain Sight, although I know that won't actually happen.

New TV on DVD Reviews.  (I've certainly been busy in this area.)
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Shirley said...

Hope you did as well as you wanted on the mud run. Congrats ahead of time! Keep us posted as to how you did.