Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for June 25th

Is this summer or the regular TV season?  I remember when I used to have time to catch up on my reading and TV on DVD viewing during the summer, but I guess those days are behind me.  And I've got three new shows to add to the mix next week.  I know, I could always cut back.  I just don't want to.  :)

In Plain Sight - You know, it doesn't matter how predictable the stories are, they always managed to move me. I knew this week's witness would reconcile with his family in the end and his son would give his liver, but it was still emotionally satisfying. Mary's pregnancy is certainly making things interesting. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, but I think I do. I wonder if she really will wind up giving it up for adoption or keeping it when the child is born.

White Collar - Well, we finally met Diana's girlfriend. They've mentioned her enough, it was about time, although frankly the fact that she is a lesbian is my least favorite part of the show, for obvious reasons. Still, it was a fun episode with the usual twists, although their definition of white collar crime seems to be stretching all the time. I find the story of Neal and Moz trying to escape with the loot always interesting. Part of me hopes they get away and part of me hopes they get caught because they stole it. Obviously, they won't go anywhere with it permanently, so I'm curious how it will all play out.

Wipeout Tuesday - They've got some fun obstacles for the summer, so this looks promising. I love the swing set, for example. The drop into the Wipeout Zone scares me, and I'm on my couch. Overall those obstacles look almost impossible. It will be interesting to see how many even finish it.

101 Way to Leave a Game Show - This was interesting to watch as a one time deal because I was curious about it. They manage to cram 30 minutes of interesting show into an hour. Once and done was my only interest in this show. Too much else I want to be doing this summer to make it a regular part of my week.

Covert Affairs - I've got to admit, this one snuck up on me. I enjoyed it more than I have either of the others this season. And I really did think the instructor was the bad guy, too. All around entertaining, and that scene in the airplane made for an awesome climax.

Burn Notice - So, I was wondering where they would go with the story this season. And I'm still wondering. Again, it felt like they were really trying to close some things off. True, Michael doesn't know why he was burned yet, but it's looking like he'll be back in the CIA very soon and out of Miami. What obstacles will they be throwing in his way? Come on, tell us already!  On another note, you can really see how his relationship with his mom has changed, especially in that last scene of them together.  I love that.

Wipeout Thursday - After the showing on Tuesday, I can't believe how quickly two of the people did the Wipeout Zone tonight. The girl could have won on just about any other night. I was hoping the Star Wars geek would go further because those jokes were my favorite. All in all, a fun episode.

Suits - I definitely could have done without the strong language, and it took me a while to warm up to the characters. But I'm beginning to like them and I think I could get hooked on the series. I'll definitely tune in next week and see what I think. If I don't like it, it will probably get cut.

Expedition: Impossible - Okay, so it's basically an extreme version of The Amazing Race mixed in with a little bit of Survivor. That means I'll probably wind up hooked on it as well. It isn't nearly as compelling as those two shows, at least not yet. But I already feel like I know something about all the teams, which I don't feel like with the other shows. Again, it might get cut, but for now it looks interesting.

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