Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for June 18th

In Plain Sight - That episode was the worst kept secret of the season. It might have been interesting if they hadn't started teasing that Mary was pregnant before the season even began. And I guessed who the father was, too. I will be interested to see how they play that out; hopefully it will be better than the reveal was. However, I did enjoy the story with the Amish couple. I actually felt sorry for the woman. The man? He was an idiot.

White Collar - What a blast of an episode. I wasn't sure that a treasure hunt would work on the show, but it completely did. Neal and Peter make a good team, so I hope they don't do them irreversible harm with the treasure that Neal and Mozzie are hiding. Also, I love Elizabeth and I think it's great when they work her into an episode.

Covert Affairs - This is how little of the show sticks with me - I didn't recognize the guy in the episode as someone we'd seen before. When they talked about Annie's history with him, I barely remembered it. Still, the episode was interesting with some decent twists and turns. My favorite part was Joan's jury duty sub-plot. Obviously, she liked it in principle better than reality. That was funny, especially the judge excusing her at the end.

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