Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Two Summer League Games

I had my second game of this year's summer league last night, and my team is now 0-2.  I'm getting an incredible feeling of been there done that.

Both games we started out with the first point or two.  Then we let them tie it up to get ahead at half time 5-9.  Sadly, in the second half, try as we might, we haven't been able to overcome that difference.  Last week was close at the end since it was 15-17.  This week?  13-17.

For me, last week's game was a little frustrating since I wasn't really part of the action when I played.  Heck, I was trying to play some by let my legs rest up for the mud run last weekend since they were killing me.  (And it worked.  After playing, they felt much better.)

This week, I barely missed one in the end zone and later successfully caught and passed it on again.  What was nice about that second one was that I threw it across the width of the field forehand - not my strongest throw, so I was happy it made it there pretty decisively.

But defense last night really made me happy.  Only once or twice as my guy able to get that far from me.  I was never scored on, and there were several points where I know I kept my guy from being open to score.

Of course, the fact that we lost last night didn't surprise me.  The team was a bunch of jerks who made sure every single call went their way.  You want proof that mankind are sinners?  Just go to an ultimate game where you make your own calls.  Also some fighting, but it can get heated pretty quickly.

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