Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekly TV Recap

The Amazing Race - I get that you are hungry. But you do know you are in a race, right? Really, Ron, keep going and eat when you have a chance for a rest. Actually, I take that back. Go ahead and eat because I want you off my TV. Obviously, you learned nothing from your last appearance on the show. And I'd feel sorry for the couple in last if Vixen wasn't driving me up a wall, too. At least the Cowboys were doing well this time. And another episode where they kept racing at the end. How are they going to get all the teams eliminated?

Chuck - So, they finally answered the question of what Casey been up to. There were so many funny lines. "Casey hasn't shot anyone in two weeks. He's probably worse off than we are." "She's like General Beckman. Only less cuddly." But my favorite was in response to the goggles that let you see bodily fluids. "That sounds like something from a CBS show." I had to stop the DVR I was laughing so hard. Looks like we'll have two storylines going for the rest of the season, maybe more. After all, they didn't do anything with Chuck and Sarah's wedding in this episode. But I really don't care. At this point, I love the characters so much I will watch just about anything.

V - I wish I thought this show was going to be coming back. If that were the case, I could enjoy the cliffhanger and wait for the show to come back. Unfortunately, the ratings are so low, I will forever wonder what would have happened next. They definitely changed some things up. I knew that Ryan would die going into it, although Tyler is a surprise. That is if he's dead. It looked to me like he was still breathing at the end. Looks like Erica has some serious help now, and I liked how they played off how dark she got this season. Just so many cool developments. And yet, it will never go forward from here. (Granted, they haven't officially canceled the show, but it seems obvious to me that it won't be picked up for a third season.)

Survivor - I think at the moment, the person I am rooting for most is Matt. I'd love to see him last long enough to get back in the game and actually go far. Who knows how long he can keep winning, however. Tribal was interesting because I think those gals are correct. The rest of their team is only thinking until the merge. The trick is, if they go in six strong, it will make a difference for them. I've always said that too much thought goes into the post merge final tribal situation too early when you need to go into the merge strong in numbers. That's the secret for the first half of the game.

Wipeout - Is it just me, or did some of the things they had not work quite as well as they wanted them to? We didn't see much of the kitchen at the end of the qualifier. And it seemed like the round two obstacle was fairly easy. Not too many people fell off it. Likewise, the times weren't that long in the finals, but it certainly seemed hard enough to me.

Fairly Legal - So where are they going with the storyline about Kate's father? And why wasn't she wearing her bridesmaid's dress for the final scene? Despite the questions, I did enjoy this episode. One of the stronger of the season.

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Cozy in Texas said...

Great recap. I wondered about the bridesmaid's dress too.

Mark said...

My roommate commented on it right away. Either there was a scene cut out or they royally messed things up.