Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for March 26th

The Amazing Race - Darn it. I was really hoping that Kent and Vixyen wouldn't be able to come from behind. Of course, with that train ride, everyone had a chance to start together. I'm glad to see the Cowboy's finally getting their act together. I can't believe the other teams weren't going to check the picture on the Road Block. That's certainly what I would be doing, especially after being told once that I had it wrong.

Chuck - As a mystery fan, I was a little disappointed with the episode. I really was expecting a better mystery. But it was in keeping with the show. The Buy More stuff was fun, and something they haven't done in a while. The Subway placement makes me laugh, but if two or three episodes with 30 seconds of clear advertising are what it takes to keep this show on the air, I'll take it.

Dancing with the Stars - Yeah, I got sucked back in again. I do love it when they give the contestants two weeks and two different types of dances before elimination. There are times when someone is stronger in Latin or Ballroom dances. Right now, the two oldest contestants are at the top of the leader board. Okay, so the oldest is 60 this season. But I find that very interesting. We could be in for an interesting season.

Castle - When I heard that a murder at a soap opera was coming up, I knew it would be fun. And some of the guest stars made it even more fun. I figured part of the ending out early, but missed the killer. And I laughed multiple times over the course of the episode. Best Monday night show this week.

No Ordinary Family - I feel like I'm the only one still watching at this point, but I really enjoyed this episode. They've really started moving the story forward and there were some nice twists. I guess the season (most likely series) finale will air Saturday. I'll be interested to see just how much gets wrapped up, especially since they've been cut by several episodes.

Survivor - The last of Russell's alliance gets voted out. Frankly, this wasn't that compelling an hour. But how the tribe goes about turning on itself might be telling. I think David slit his own throat, however, by not voting for Stephanie. Getting a guy to Redemption Island might make that part more interesting.

Fairly Legal - Somebody should have told me to hang on to my hat. That was a jam packed final with lots of reversals and twists. For example, what you thought was going to be the main plot turned out to be a sub-plot. And we never did find out the outcome of the child custody story, except to know they reached one. And I'm okay with that. As much as I felt for Kate, it was nice to see some consequences for her behavior. Granted, in most of the episodes she doesn't have time to deal with people, but the way she blows them off is usually annoying. I'm already ready for season 2 to start. Hurry up and announce that it's been picked up, okay?

Wipeout - I feel like people read my recap from last week and went out of their way to prove me wrong. Wipeout Kitchen? Featured much more during the qualifier. The second round took contestants longer to figure out. And the winning time for the night was almost 11 minutes instead of less than 4. I do feel the need to point out at this point that they haven't put me on the show yet.

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