Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rudy's Service

Last week, I talked a little about the passing of my former Jr. Higher Rudy Acosta.  Today was his memorial service.  I'll admit I debated for a while about going.  It sounded like it would be packed, and I was right.  But I really did feel like I should go, and I'm glad I did.

The service was at my former church, Santa Clarita Baptist.  That's one reason I was reluctant to go.  By the time I got there (a few minutes late), the "sanctuary" (aka the gym) was full, so I went to the overflow at the Lutheran church next door.  They had live video of the service.  Honestly, I doubt many people knew I was there, especially since I didn't see anyone I knew inside.

The service was nice, although I had a hard time holding back the tears the entire time.  I was emotionally drained by the time it was over.  The pictures of some of Rudy's funny faces brought back such happy memories.  Rudy was always ready with a hug or a smile or both.

But what really struck me was the people talking about his sacrifice and love.  Honestly, I was convicted.  Am I really that willing to love that I would lay down my life for someone?  It left me with some deep things to think about.

And I'll admit, it's left me wondering why.  Oh, I know why we are in Afghanistan, and I still support the war effort.  By why did this particular young man have to die?  But it hasn't shaken my faith.  I know God is in control and has a reason for it even if I don't see it.  Granted, it's easy for me to see that because I'm not part of the immediate family.  And that's why I will continue to pray for all of them.

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