Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Great Birthday

Tuesday was my birthday.  I'm not going to tell you how old I am because I don't want any jokes about how old 36 is.  I've gotten enough of them this week.

While I was talking to my parents Monday night, they let me open my present from them early (Wii Sports Resort).  I even stayed up later than I should have Monday night so I could play with it.

Monday night when I went to bed, it had been howling windy.  I was glad when I got up Tuesday morning and realized the wind had died down, meaning I could go for a run.  Yeah, this fitness thing is a real sickness.

Despite the random days off work I've been taking recently, I actually came into work.  My co-workers had a cake for me that morning.  Nutless carrot cake, a treat I don't get that often.  Yum!

Right as work was ending, my brother, sister-in-law, and niece called (along with Mom and Dad who were now visiting them) to wish me a happy birthday.  Talked to them for 15 minutes or so (and opened another present).  Then it was rush home to change and head out again.

See, my friends Donald and Heather are in town this week, and that was the night we were going to hang out.  I wasn't sure if they remembered it was my birthday or not, but they obviously did since they had a present for me.

We had dinner at Souplantation, and it was great just hanging out and talking.  In fact, we spent so long there that we had to skip part two of our plans.  The miniature golf place in town closed half an hour after we got there, so we headed back to my place to play some Wii Sports Resort.

Yes, we probably would have done the same thing had it not been my birthday.  But it was extra special getting to hang out with them on my birthday.  In fact, the evening went much too fast.

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