Saturday, October 02, 2010

Weekly TV Recap - October 2nd

The list just gets longer and longer, doesn't it?

The Amazing Race - I must admit, I was only half watching most of the time since I was doing other stuff on my computer. I don't have all the teams down yet. But their trip to England looked like lots of fun. I would have loved scaling the castle walls and the boat. The watermelon thing was looking like fun until the one woman got hit in the head. I'm impressed by willingness to continue even when she wasn't feeling well. And her partner supporting her no matter what made me love them. I'm also looking for the two singers to go far. I want them to keep surprising people, and I love them.

Dancing with the Stars - What was this, pick on Michael Bolton week? Okay, so I didn't like the bit with the doghouse at the beginnings, but the rest of the dance wasn't that bad. Looks like he's going home this week. So sorry to see that. I was impressed with how some of the others actually tried and improved. Yes, there are still the clear leaders. I mean, can we give the trophy to Jennifer Grey already? But I do think everyone is trying hard right now. I fast forward through so much of this show that I missed the boo controversy. The tape they showed on Tuesday makes it look like they were booing the judges, which often happens. I hope that's really the case. Unsurprisingly, Michael Bolton left this week. Watching the clip of his performance again, it was weaker than I remembered. He was so stiff. Maybe it's not as big a loss as I thought it would be.

Chuck - Now there was the Chuck I know and love. Last week may have felt slightly off, but this week was a hoot. I loved every second of it, from the relationship stuff to the mission to the baby on the way to the Buy More. Actually, the Buy More was my favorite part, and I haven't felt that way in a while. The scene with the agents cleaning up after Morgan was absolutely hysterical. If Morgan is manager, what will that mean for Big Mike when they work him back into the show? And is the General going back to Washington? I don't know, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

No Ordinary Family - So, Tuesday all day, I'm think I need to cut back on television. I just have too many shows I'm watching. But I still wanted to give this one a try. And the problem? I liked it. It's grounded in reality, and it doesn't look like all the family's problems will be easy to fix. I could easily see myself loving this series, too. So, now, what to cut out? Actually, I do have a couple of candidates.

Castle - The mystery was fine this week, but I really liked the sub-plot with Castle's mom. That really showed some depth of character on her part and with Castle, too. I have said it before, but his family really makes him into the character we love.

Hawaii 5-0 - It looks like this is probably going to be another standard police procedural. So it will all come down to the characters. If I really like them, I'll definitely keep watching. But if the interactions grow predictable, I'll probably drop it. I did love the discussion of "Book him, Danno" at the end. Absolutely had me laughing.

Survivor - Well, Marty got his way. Coach is gone. I get that he'd be a huge threat after a merge and at a final tribal counsel. But really, don't you want to get rid of the very weakest when you got to play together as a tribe? They should have voted out Dan and saved Coach for the next tribal. Meanwhile, Naonca is an idiot who needs to get off my TV now.

Better with You - I was ready to give up on this show if it didn't improve this week, and I've got to say I actually kind of liked it. I still can't stand the parents, but I found it funny and a little less offensive. Well, except the one scene between the guys. I may have to give it a third try next week.

Undercovers - I'll admit, I didn't like this episode quite as much as last week's. And it's rare I like a pilot that much. The tech guy needs to tone it down. His hero worship is getting on my nerves. But I was dying laughing at some of the lines once they brought in Jay, the ex-partner/ex-boyfriend. He added a lot of fun.

Melissa and Joey - Considering both of them have been on dancing with the stars, I found this episode fun. Mark Ballas did a decent job acting, although it's obviously not his strong suit. And the ending was rather funny. But, please, get rid of Stephanie. She is just annoying!

Community - The chloroform scene was hilarious. There were some amusing parts, but I still didn't find it as hilarious as promised. Is it that I still need to get to know the characters?

Nikita - A bit of a slower episode action wise, but I really felt like it helped us get to know several of the characters. And the fact that Amanda is on to Alex, or at least the fact that Alex is hiding something, worries me. I'm wondering if Michael will turn at some point, and how long that might be.

The Mentalist - Just when I thought I could give it up, they deliver a great episode. Jane wasn't nearly as smug as he often is. And we really got to see a human side to him with that look to his past as a carnie. Frankly, the episode was great from start to finish. Plus, with next week focusing on Red John, I'm going to have to watch that, too.

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