Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekly TV Recap for October 23rd

I watched last week's Mentalist (today actually), and have decided to take it off my list of shows as well.  If I had plenty of time, I would still be enjoying it.  But I've got to cut shows somewhere, and I really think that's a good choice.  Meanwhile, I know have two week's of Undercovers on the DVR to watch.  I'm thinking that may go as well.

Meanwhile, here is what I did get watched this week.

The Amazing Race - I found out early who got eliminated thanks to TV Guide spoiling it on Twitter, so watching it Tuesday night was painful. I wanted those a cappella singers to win. It killed me to see them go, although they had such a great attitude the entire time. If only there is some way they could come back next week it would make me thrilled.

Dancing with the Stars - What a fun night! As a TV addict, I loved it, especially the routines to the shows I know. Kurt's dance to the Bewitched theme was my favorite, although Kyle's dance to Charlie's Angles was also lots of fun. I'm shocked with the outcome, however. I sure did expect Bristol to go home. However, Florence wouldn't have lasted more than another week or two, so it's not a big loss.

Chuck - It was actually nice to have an episode free of Chuck and Sara drama. They were so cute together, too. However, the big laughs came from Casey and Morgan with Morgan trying to tell Casey about dating his daughter. The way they played that out was absolutely perfect. And to top it off, the show got picked up for another 11 episodes this season, bringing the total to 24. I so happy to be able to enjoy more.

Castle - Talk about a huge red herring. We've got a prison break that has nothing to do with the murder. As much as I liked the romance of the prison break, the couple got off a little too easily. The sub-plot with Alex was a bit weak again. However, we finally got to see Gina again, the woman Castle is supposed to be dating. Especially with the ending where Beckett says she would break Castle out of jail. Was she flirting with him?

Hawaii Five-0 - So, Hiro has a new job as the coroner on this show. I think he's a bit too quirky, at least at this point. Hopefully they tone him down in the episodes to come. Of course, I'm still thinking about dropping this show. I don't get to it until Wednesday and it's pretty much a police procedural with a great background. And I love the Hawaii setting. For at least another week, it's going to stay in the rotation.

No Ordinary Family - As much as the family is interesting, and I enjoyed the episode, I do wish they'd include a little more super and a little more of the continuing storylines. They are building to something, but rather slowly. Still, I like the characters and really do enjoy the show. And the focus on JJ made for some interesting developments. I can't wait to see how things go down when the parents learn the truth about him.

Melissa and Joey - I was actually kind of surprised they were thinking of wrapping up the father on the run story so soon. I wasn't at all surprised by how it ended. In fact, I couldn't quite believe that the characters fell for the fake cop routine. However, the best part of the whole thing was the exchange between Melissa and Joey over costume ideas. "Teenage witch. That's what you should have been." "Been there, done that." I love it when actors/writers are willing to mock the past from a star. It's like an inside joke that I get.

Survivor - How in the world did Dan survive again? I mean, the guy has bad knees and isn't up to the challenges. Why haven't they booted him ages ago? And Kelly B? Really? You totally had Marty. He couldn't use his idol after the tie, so he was as good as gone. Now they still have to deal with it next week. Gee, can you tell with two guys I want to see go? Not that I have big opinions on anything happening on the show.

Nikita - Wow, that was intense. Between thinking that Alex was going to give herself away plus the interrogation/torture, I couldn't have stopped watching that episode is I had wanted to. In the Nikita front, I totally saw that her prisoner was the man who killed her fiancee. I did think he was going to kill himself, however, not escape. And now that he has the black box, I wonder what will happen with that. I hear they are going to tinker with the show to add some romance for Nikita. I hope it doesn't ruin the show because they've got a great thing going with what they have right now.

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