Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Away

After the craziness of last weekend, I needed a nice, quiet weekend away.  And that's exactly what I got.  Mom and Dad were down in Palm Springs, so I headed down to visit them.  Even better, Saturday was Mom's birthday.

Frankly, we didn't do a whole lot.  We swam twice a day.  The pool is cooled with the water coming from a hot springs.  They generally keep it around 90-95 degrees.

Actually, it could have been a little cooler.  See, it was in the 100's outside.  It was just a bit too warm when it was that hot outside.  We'd be cool when we got out of the pool since the wind was blowing, but I'd be hot by the time we got back to the trailer again.

Other then that, we played some games.  Lots of Rummikub, Mom's favorite.  And we got in a round of Yahtzee.  We play miniature golf one day.  I managed to beat Dad, but we were so focused on each other that Mom actually won.  I should have quite after the first hole, where I got a hole in one.

And we changed a flat tire.  All day Saturday, we watched as one of my tires kept going flat.  When we went into town on Sunday, we took my spare and put air in it.  Monday we changed it before I headed home.

I made it home Monday in time for what should have been my ultimate Frisbee game.  The other team didn't have enough, so we won by forfeit again.  But we played some pick up, which was fun.  Then a friend and I jumped in the pool.  Talk about different.  The pool at the college obviously isn't heated.  We cooled off very quickly.

Today, reality hit me hard back at work.  I just took two days off, but I was swamped with a bunch of stuff I needed to get done right away.  I think it will keep me very busy the rest of the week, too.

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