Sunday, October 31, 2010

TV Recap for October 31st

I know I usually do these on Saturday, but I forgot to schedule it ahead of time, and I spent all day yesterday at Disneyland.  Better late than never, right?

The Amazing Race - Another week, another team I like gone. Although as my family and I agree, there are teams that annoy us, but there are no teams we hate. And that's a great change. I feel sorry for the ladies because they just never had a chance. They hardly ever saw the team in front of them, much less have a chance to catch up.

Chuck - Oh my goodness, those last few minutes are going to come back to bite everyone next week. I like the whole mystery of Chuck's mom. Whose side is she on? But Sarah kidnapping her like that at the end is really going to cause some friction in their relationship. And after a couple of weeks with smooth sailing on that front. I was glad they brought back Awesome's mom, too. All in all, another great episode.

Dancing with the Stars - Things are shaking this week with all that rock and roll. Some of the front runners are near the bottom while others who have been doing poorly shot up a ways. I'm shocked to see Jennifer so far down. But I think Warren will be the one going home this week. Then again, I'm not a prophet, because it was Audrina who went home. I'm beyond shocked that it happened that way. She was in second after Monday night and was really improving. The next few weeks are going to get very interesting.

Castle - That was much more serious than the normal Castle episode. Yes, it still had some laughs, but the end was very suspenseful. Still not sure I bought the villain running off and not killing Castle, but it does mean this is a villain out there to come back later if they so desire.

Hawaii Five-0 - The surfing aspect was fun, although I called the shot while surfing early. I mean, we had reached the opening credits yet. Seemed like the perfect time to shot someone to me. The twists at the end to solve the case sure came out of no where. They spent so much time developing the one suspect, they didn't have time to play out the mystery, however.

No Ordinary Family - So, that was pretty much a perfect episode for me. It advanced several storylines but gave us a super powered villain to fight. And it showed us how JJ can use his powers to help out in important situations. I hope we get more episodes like that as the series progresses.

Survivor - Well, Marty survived giving away his idol. Bummed! I really want to see him voted out, although since he switched tribes his arrogance has been lessening. Likewise, Naonka hasn't been quite as crazy recently. Looks like both things will be changing next week. We'll see how it all goes.

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