Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Word Association for 5/12

Time for this week's word association.

  1. Rock n Roll :: Music
  2. Be with you :: Rich Mullins
  3. Richard :: Scary
  4. Hair :: Buzz
  5. Police :: Arrest
  6. Experience :: Teacher
  7. Father figure :: Dad
  8. Nice :: Sweet
  9. Switch :: Foot
  10. Appearance :: Concert

I think we need some explanations this week.

Rich Mullins was a Christian recording artist who recorded a song called "Be With You."  I quite like it. 

Richard Scary is rather appropriate for children's book week.

I keep my hair buzzed short.

Who is a better father figure than a dad?

Switchfoot is a Christian band.  I'm not a big fan, but they were the first thing that popped in my mind.

And maybe that's why when I hit appearance, all I could think about was someone appearing in person, like at a concert.

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