Saturday, May 08, 2010

Weekly TV Recap - May 8th

This will be a slightly shorter recap this week since I'm in Dallas. I haven't gotten to watch my Thursday shows yet. I might talk about them next week; we'll see if there's anything I absolutely must mention.

Amazing Race - Dan and Jordan didn't have good luck with cabs this week, but I bet the editing made it appear closer than it really was. Frankly, I didn't care that much after Jett and Cord made it. Any of the other teams could be eliminated. Although I think I was happiest that Michael and Louis were the ones sent packing. I have hated their attitude the entire race. Dan and Jordan look to be quite a ways behind everyone else, but the flights might even things up. Now let's go Jett and Cord!

Chuck - Another great episode. I love how they balanced the stories with our three couples, and I'm counting the guest stars as one of the couples. And how they cut together the scene where Chuck was trying to get the collar off the tiger and Morgan was trying to steal Mike's key card was so funny. And can I just say that I love Chuck and Sarah together? They are so cute! I am very worried about Awesome at the moment, although I am glad to see he and Ellie are coming back to the states. And how ironic that he wanted them in Africa to get them out of the danger of Chuck's world, yet a Ring operative still found them and put them in danger.

24 - I've got to admit, I am not finding the storylines that pulse pounding right now. They are certainly intriguing, but they aren't so intriguing that I need to watch more to calm down afterward. That final scene was intense, however. I really didn't think that Jack would kill Dana, at least on purpose. I even told my roommate that. Guess I was wrong. I'm not sure I like how dark they are taking Jack. I much preferred his potential happiness at the beginning of the season.

Dancing with the Stars - Everyone seems to have upped their game. I don't think there was a 7 in the bunch. Lots of great performances, but I definitely think that Evan deserved that perfect score. His Tango was amazing. I am quite surprised to say this, but I was sorry to see Pamela leave this week. She was a much better dancer than I thought she'd be. Niecy may be fun to watch, but she's the weak link in those remaining. She needs to go soon, although I have a feeling she has enough fans to stick around longer. She's fun to watch, so it's not a bad thing, but I do think the others are better dancers.

Castle - The last few episodes have been missing the spark I love so much from this show. I was thrilled to see it back this week. The banter between Castle and Beckett felt real again. I loved the scene between Beckett and her friend in the interrogation room. Plenty of laughs with the mystery.

Lost - I had said going into this season I hoped that three characters made it through the show alive. This week, they killed two of them when they killed Jin and Sun. Yet I'm okay with it. How they did it was so bittersweet that it made it better. Not completely okay. And at least they did give them a chance to be reunited even if only briefly. But the real surprise to me was Sayid. I thought he'd gone over to the dark side, so his sacrifice to try to save the day really redeemed him in my eyes.

V - I saw most of the twists coming. But I still really enjoyed the episode. It feels like they are building things up for something big down the road. And the acting tonight was really good. They put the fifth column members through the ringer, and the group really stepped up. And I love to root against Anna. There's another amazing actress in the cast.

In Plain Sight - Here's a much better example of what I have come to love on this show. Every week, we're dealing with different people, but we care so much about them by the time the show is over. Yes, I tune in each week by see Mary and Marshall and the regulars. But it's the guest characters that really prove powerful. I loved it this week that Mary was ready to write her witness off as a bad seed before meeting him, but actually talked him out of the bank robbery at the end. But Marshall got the best line of the night. "Thank you for shopping with us. Today, we have a special on 8 by 13 cells."


Unknown said...

My whole family loves Jet and Cord - one of our favorite Amazing Race teams ever. Oh my gravy - Go Cowboys! :-)

Mark Baker said...

My entire family is rooting for the Cowboys, too. My brother thinks (based on editting) that Dan and Jorday win. He's often right, but we're all hoping he's wrong in this case.