Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekly TV Recap May 29th

I think I've already said my piece on Lost and 24. Here's the link if you want to read it. My opinions really haven't changed. I'm still not really satisfied with how either show ended, especially Lost. It was so disappointing.

But let's move on to the rest of the shows from this week.

Chuck - I had heard rumors someone was going to die on the season finale, and I was worried about who it might be. Yet I was shocked when it happened. As relieved as I am that it was Chuck's dad and not one of the central characters, I was also very moved by those scenes. Again, the writing and acting were perfect. I love the fact that Ellie now knows the truth, although it will be funny next season with none of our core characters in the dark. I can see where they are going with the spy story for next year, but I am curious where they might take the Best Buy characters, or was this a way to write them out. I wouldn't be heartbroken to loose them. They were fun, but I think we've done about all we can with them.

Dancing with the Stars - None of the stars seemed surprised by the order they landed, and I wasn't either. I think I was still rooting for Evan a little, but I knew that it was Nicole's to loose. She was amazing all season and deserved the trophy. However, I think Len saying that before Evan's last dance was going a bit too far. It would have been one thing if she were last, but with one dance to go, it's almost like why dance? Still, wonderful final performances to cap off a good season.

FlashForward - I knew they were going to leave us with a cliffhanger. Darn show! Seriously, though, I was watching the clock on this one every five minutes or so, not because I was looking for the show to end, but because I wanted it to keep going longer so it would answer everything. I was feeling reasonably satisfied with how things were turning out, too. I especially liked how some of the flash forwards we thought we knew had a nice twist on them. But then we got to the next flash forward and I was left with so many questions. And, since the show was canceled, we'll never find out what they all mean. I'll definitely give them more of a pass since the show was canceled after the finale was filmed.  Oh well, it was a fun ride while it lasted.

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