Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

Yep, it's been a rainy Monday.  And I've been feeling it.  I just haven't fully gotten into doing anything today.  The weather was so nice over the weekend - mid-80's.  Why is it so cloudy and drizzling today?  Why?

Okay, enough with the weather pitty party.  Time to move on.

They are in the midst of remodeling our offices.  Have I mentioned that things are going to change all around again this summer?  I'm getting one of the "new" offices, which will be smaller.  Not exactly happy about that, but since my boss is getting a smaller office, too, I can't say too much.

I have a second roommate for summer!  My friend Mark decided to move in after all this last Friday.  The weekend was a bit crazy with getting his stuff situated, but I think we've got it for now.  My pocketbook is happy if nothing else.

Friday night, some friends had a game night.  We actually played a Cranium brand game I enjoyed.  Don't remember the title, but I think it's fairly new.  Different, but lots of fun.  Then we played ImaginIff.  Still not a big fan of that game, but it's okay.

Saturday was mostly a hang around the house day.  I didn't even wake up until 9AM and get up until 10:30.  Can I just say it felt great?  Did have a picnic with my care group from church.

Sunday was just the normal church and Bab 5 night stuff.

I got in two 5 mile runs last week.  Both were in the mile range, so obviously my 10 minute mile pace isn't holding up for the whole time.  I was trying a mostly flat stretch of road for these runs, but my knees still were really killing me by the end.  I've been doing some looking into POSE running and Chi Running.  I'm going to try some new techniques tomorrow.  Hopefully running on the balls of my feet and with knees bent (I am horrid about standing and walking straight legged) will help.  I'm also going to run 3 miles tomorrow (with hill) and then 5 miles on Thursday and see how I do with that.  Hopefully, my friend Josh and I will hit the beach in Santa Monica for a nice 3 mile run on Saturday.

I got word today that I will be playing men's league for ultimate Frisbee this summer instead of co-ed.  Despite all my running, I am still pretty slow.  I hope I still enjoy it.  I've only ever played co-ed in all my years of playing.  I've heard mixed reports on whether the men's league is too competitive or not.  I'm hoping I get my normal chill team and I can contribute.  But right now I am very, very nervous about it.

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