Friday, May 14, 2010

Book Beginnings for May 14th

Normally, I try to do this earlier in the day, but I forgot this time.  It's still Friday, however, so I can still do this week's Book Beginnings.

I've got two books again this week.  Up first is Exposure by Brandilyn Collins.  I read it all on Monday while traveling back from Dallas (and that link will take you to my full review).  The first sentence is:

She'd forgotten to turn on the porch lights.

This is a good first sentece to me, although not a knock out.  What makes it a knock out is what I already know, the main character in the book is paranoid.  Coming home to a dark house terrifies her.  So this sentence actually sets up a great first scene.

I am currently about 30 pages from the end of Rolling Thunder by Chris Grabenstein.  I hope to finish it tonight before I got to a game night with friends.  The first sentence here is:

The day starts like so many other with John Ceepak: We bust an eight-year-old girl for wearing high heels.

This is the sixth book about Ceepak, an honor bound ex-military officer now working with a young partner (and our narrator) at a Jersey shore resort town.  Knowing Ceepak, I can't help but smile after just that sentence imagining the scene that will follow.  And it didn't disappoint.  In fact, the entire book has been a whole lot of fun.


Rebecca Chapman said...

Sounds like youre really enjoying both books which is great!

Mark Baker said...

I enjoyed Rolling Thunder more than Exposure, but they were both good.