Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Hate Car Repairs

Which I know is shocking.  Who loves spending money to repair their car?

So, I took my car in for a long overdue oil change before I headed north last weekend.  When I picked up my car, my mechanic told me that there was a leak in my radiator, so keep an eye on it.  Naturally, that started worring me since I had a big long trip ahead of me.  Not that I changed my plans in the slightest.  Things seemed to go well on the trips up and back.  I did have to add water before I headed back south, however.

Tuesday, I was driving home from work, and at one point noticed water on my windshield.  I thought it was weird, but I didn't think anything else of it.  Frankly, I kinda forgot about that after I got rear ended.  No damage to my car (I think the spare tire took the majority of the impact), but my neck was pretty sore last night.  I skipped my run this morning.  I'm feeling better now, so I think I will run tomorrow.


On the way to work yesterday, I started noticing water on my windshield again.  And lots more of it.  Then I saw it was coming from under the hood of my car.  Yeah, I kinda freaked.  Finished driving into work, and called my mechanic.  He was going to take a look at my car on Friday, but I decided to drop it off last night.  From the phone call we had today, it sounds like he took a look at it.  They've recommended changing some of the hoses, too.  It will just cost me parts, so I figure why not.

But this is going to cost me a pretty penny I really hadn't planned to spend right now when I'm down a roommate.  And I get to pay for my auto insurance for the next few months in another couple of weeks, too.

I was hoping my mechanic would start on my car today if he had it since I really want my car back this weekend.  It's the annual LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA.  I have to go to that!  I'm debating about whether or not I will go both days or just Saturday.  It will cost me gas and parking money.  I usually only spend an hour or two there on Sunday, heading to Santa Monica to play ultimate on the beach later in the afternoon, which is an additional parking fee.  But if the weather does warm up like its supposed to this weekend, I may not be able to resist.  I can always cut back on expenses next week, right?

The ironic thing in all this is I am getting rides to and from work with my roommate.  His water pump died last week, but he got his car back on Wednesday, just as my saga started.  I'm just glad one of us has a car.

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