Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally, Talking About the Cozy Mystery Challenge

So, I have been very bad about posting about a reading challenge I am participating in right now. It's right up my alley, too. What is it? The Cozy Mystery Challenge, of course. Since I read so many cozy mysteries, I signed up for the challenge level, which is more than 10 cozies in the next six months (April through September). The lowest level is just six cozies in the next six months, or one a month.

Of course, I am just now starting my first cozy of April. I do find that highly ironic.

I'll update this post with the books as I read them:

Corpse on the Cob by Sue Ann Jaffarian


Unknown said...

Good luck with my challenge. Heck..who can blame you for not starting one till now..you've been busy training for a race!

Mark Baker said...

I've been reading, but I was reading a science fiction book (a rarity for me) and then a caper story. But I've got another cozy on deck after this one, so I'll be back in business before too long.