Monday, February 22, 2010

What a Crazy (Fun) Weekend

Man, does it feel good to get back to work. Now I can relax and recover from my weekend. What all did I do? I'm glad you asked.

It started Friday night with Bible study. And I got my taxes done before that! That alone was great.

Saturday morning, I got up to help some friends from my Sunday School class move. I actually went late because this dang cold I'm still fighting didn't want to let me wake up. I stayed home and vegged a little before leaving.

I only stayed for an hour and a half or so before I took off to activity #2, a first birthday party for some friends' son. We've got lots of mutual friends, so it was nice to see all of them.

I was one of the first to leave so I could make it down to The Mystery Bookstore for the launch party of Sue Ann Jaffarian's new book. Had a wonderful time down there, especially since I had won a free copy of the book from Sue Ann. I love getting books I was planning to buy for free.

From there, I flew half way home to try to play some ultimate Frisbee. I was late, but I knew I would be. Unfortunately, only one other person showed up, and he was leaving just as I arrived. Of course, I did need a bit of a rest by that point, so I wasn't completely upset to have a bit of time to myself. I used that to talk to my parents for a little while.

Then I picked up a friend from the college. He hung out and we watched Up. Still love that movie.

That was all on Saturday.

Sunday started with church and Sunday School. I wasn't moving very quickly in the morning again, so I got there late.

I was home for a couple hours, and then left for the book launch party for Joanne Fluke's new book. Yes, I had to actually buy Apple Turnover Murder. But it doesn't officially come out until Tuesday, and I'm already a third of the way through it.

I came home and started it (after a brief nap), then headed over to Joe's for some Babylon 5. Josh picked up dinner at Woodstone Ranch for all of it. Very yummy!

Just writing about all of this is making me tired again. I'm glad I get to go home and crash tonight. Well, do laundry, watch TV, read more, and crash.

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