Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Two Winter League Games

We are now in week 5 of winter league, and I have finally played two games.

See, in week one I was getting over a cold and figured running around in cold weather wouldn't be good for me. Week two, we had our bye. Week three, all the games were rained out. So that leaves weeks four and five.

Our game last week was Friday. It was pretty bad. We started out behind and pretty much stayed there. I think we ended up at 7 or 8-15. Not a pretty picture. The disc was thrown to me twice in one point. Once, it bounced off my hand in the end zone. The second, it was thrown behind me. On the positive side, I felt like I was keeping up with the guys I was supposed to be guarding. I was never more than three or four steps behind them. Okay, so that's still not where I should be, but it was better than usual.

Last night was our game for this week (meaning I still haven't watched Lost from last night yet.) I actually started out playing the first point. We were on defense. I was doing okay keeping up with my guy. We got a turn over, and my guy took off, leaving me poached. But we weren't able to take advantage of that and called a time out. They switched players guarding me at that point, so when we turned the disc over, my new guy took off running and scored. So much for keeping up with him.

Frankly, I felt I did better than normal keeping up with my guy, but I wasn't as confident as I was on Friday. I was scored on one other time, but other times I was there to keep my guy from being thrown to.

They also threw me into the cup on a zone defense. The short version? This is the position I have avoided for years because it is the most running you will ever do in ultimate Frisbee. They did score that point, but I felt reasonably happy with my performance. I just need to be able to run fast for a longer period of time. If they hadn't scored when they did, I would have been dead.

On a positive note, I also got the disc and successfully got rid of it twice. I didn't throw it away once. The other game finished before ours, and several members of that team who know me commented on how comfortable I looked with the disc.

And the score was the best part. We tied it at 2-2, then fell behind at 3-5. Then we went on a long run. At half, the score was 8-5. Then we kept the streak going in the second half, bringing us to 14-5. I'm still not quite sure what happened at that point. Maybe we were tired or mentally checked out, but we let them get 5 points before we won, leaving the score at 15-10. Heck, I'll still take that score.

And the most important thing? I've having fun and really enjoy my teammates. I'm sorry we only have a month left.

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