Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Once More Before I Hit the Road

Well, I'm out of here in just over an hour, heading to my brother's for almost a week. And boy do I need it. I am so tired I can hardly function. Still. Either I will wake up soon or get a nice long nap on my trip to Dallas. The good news is I was able to switch to a window seat, so I will have somewhere to lean if I do doze off.

In my last blog, I forgot to mention that I got my lap top fixed. The moniter had started to serious go. All of it was dim, but half was much dimmer than the other. It was still under warentee (by a month), so Dell fixed it for free! Wow, I love the new moniter.

This weekend was very busy but lots of fun. Saturday, Josh, Daniel, and I met up with Angelique at Glendale Centre Theatre for Wait Until Dark. It's the story of a blind woman who becomes the target for some bad men when she inadvertantly gets a doll used to smuggle drugs. The last minute or two were a bit over the top, but the rest of it was very well done.

Sunday I spent lots of time at church. I actually went to my office and hung out after Sunday School so I could go to the new member's lunch after third service. It was a nice time of fellowship and I got to meet some new people. But that meant I didn't get home until after 2. I turned around and was back to church by 5 for the annual Thanksgiving fellowship and pie baking contest. No, I didn't enter. But I did taste some excellent pies. If I am going to enter, I am going to need to figure out a good crust recipe.

From there, I hung out with Joe and Josh while watching more Babylon 5. We are definitely up to the great stuff, now.

I've been on an ornament reviewing kick this month. got 14 done. I think I'm good for this year, but we'll see if the bug strikes again next month.

The last couple of days have just been trying to stay up to date on TV so I am all caught up before I leave. And I did it. I'll be behind again when I get home, but it's always nice to start out a trip up to date.

Since I'll have my computer and can also blog from my iPod Touch, I'll try to pop in once or twice while I'm gone.

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