Friday, May 01, 2009

Word Association for May 1st

Had a few minutes, so I thought I'd knock this week's word association out.

  1. Soul :: Food
  2. Fold :: Laundry
  3. Breakup :: Relationship
  4. Will :: & Grace (and I never even watched the show)
  5. Fond :: Glance (Trixie Belden at work again)
  6. Powers :: Super
  7. Ho-hum :: Boring
  8. Hustle :: Dance
  9. Avenue :: Street
  10. Tower :: Treasure (this time Hardy Boys)


Matt said...

I remember the Tower Treasure. I think I still have a copy somewhere...

Mark Baker said...

I've got two copies, the original one from the 20's and the editted reprint that is still published today.

Matt said...

I didn't know about the different versions until a couple of years ago. I'd like to try and track down more versions of the early ones, since most of mine are the latest versions.