Tuesday, May 05, 2009

This and That

Wow, my blog has turned into a book blog yet again. That seems to happen during the Spring and Fall reading challenges. I can think of worse things for it to turn into, can't you?

But let's see if I can find something else to talk about.

We'll start with the 23rd. I took the day off work and joined a friend at Magic Mountain. The crowds were small, so we literally got on everything. The only long wait we had all day was for X first thing in the morning. We got everything in, but I was feeling a little sick by the end of the day. Either I'm getting old, or the human body was only made to experience so many G's in the course of one day. By the time I was home for an hour or two, I was feeling better, however.

This last weekend was my normal "down weekend" schedule of ultimate Frisbee Saturday afternoon, church Sunday morning, and Babylon 5 Sunday night. I love hanging out with Joe and Josh during the show and afterward. But it means I get to bed rather late Sunday night. Or should I say early Monday morning.

Speaking of TV, things are winding down again on that front for the year. I'd say I'm looking forward to a quiet summer with my TV on DVD, but I think I'll still have 5 or 6 shows a week I am watching. Granted, that's down from my way too many this year.

Next fall, I am going to start no new shows. And I will not complain about any shows I watch that are canceled. Except Chuck. I reserve the right to complain bitterly about that one being canceled. Save my Chuck!

I had one of my reviews plagarized and posted on another site a couple weeks back. Fortunately, a member of that site was a good enough detective to figure it out and the site removed the offender very quickly. I wanted it taken down, but I must admit a small part of me was flattered.

The weather seems to be warming up to stay. 80's and low 90's. Ah!

Work is quiet at the moment. I know that will be changing soon, so I am trying to enjoy it while I can. Now, if I can only get ahead on work so when it gets crazy I am not too far behind.


Leslie said...

Good luck on the "no new shows" front... I don't think all of the upfronts have happened yet, but there is usually a few that truly intrigue me. I'll have to watch the new Stargate show when it starts, but I think that's the only one that I am really looking forward to.

Flash Forward is a "companion" to Lost - so if you are a Lostie that might be a must.

Mark Baker said...

Upfronts aren't in two weeks. That's when we'll find out about Chuck (although I am not holding my breath).

And I know I will give in. But I seriously have to cut back on my TV. That's all I do during the week any more. It's not healthy.