Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No, Not My Typical Weekend

This last weekend wasn't my typical weekend. And that was nice for a change of pace.

Friday night did start out with Bible study. And I brought my guitar and lead a couple of worship songs. It was so nice to be playing that again.

Saturday, I met up with Angelique at Glendale Centre Theatre. They were doing Here Lies Jeremy Troy, a very funny comedy. We both laughed pretty hard at it. I wish one part, the only remotely objectionable part, had been shorter. But it was all handled with double meanings and confusion. And as I said, we laughed so hard.

Sunday afternoon I called Mom for Mother's Day, then met up with Joe and Josh for Star Trek. We all really enjoyed it. Actually, I met up with Joe before that and we hung out and had dinner. I even managed to finish my book before I left. And I've read another since then. I'm getting behind on the mini-reviews again, aren't I?

And one of my roommates moved out early Monday morning. I've had a couple guys come by to look at the place this week. I think either of them would make good roommates, so hopefully one will move in.

Meanwhile, the roommate I still have and I hung out all night last night. It just kinda happened, and it was a good time. I beat him at Settlers, and we just hung out talking.


Matt said...

Interesting review...;-)

I didn't know it was a reboot going in (I'd kept away from spoilers, and the last I knew it was just "about their academy days) I feel your frustration there. And as you know I enjoyed the later series a bit more, so that point hit a bit harder.

I also really enjoyed the movie as a movie, but couldn't quite mesh it with my enjoyment of "Star Trek" because of that aspect. I also feel that the universe is somewhat diminished by the destruction of the planets (both in the "real" universe and rebooted universe)--those things were usually "reset" in Star Trek episodes. Big things (like the Dominion War) happened, but those planets going seems bigger and too world altering for the little attention they got.

Hmm...I didn't mean to type all of that in just a comment. I guess I have been thinking about it... ;-)

Mark Baker said...

I've been thinking about you ever since I saw it and wondering how you felt about it. Considering how much we differed on Enterprise, this may surprise you, but I agree with you 100% on all this.