Monday, May 04, 2009

Mini Review: Shark Island

Shark Island is the second book by Joan Druett about Wiki Coffin. The book is set during late 1838 aboard the US Explatory Expedition. Never heard of it? Neither had I until I started reading the series. It was a real expedition sent by the US government to chart the South Pacific, officially discover Antartica, and map the West Coast. Of course, the characters involved in the murder are fiction, but it makes for a fun setting.

Wiki is on the ships as a translator since he is half American and half New Zealander.

This book finds Wiki are part of an off shoot scouting ahead to find out if pirates lay ahead. Instead, they sail into a cove in an island to find a ship that is floudering after scraping bottom. The captain happens to be someone Wiki knows, which gives him a personal stake in the outcome when the captain dies not too long after making contact.

I love the characters in this book. After two books, they are starting to feel like friends. The only exception is a character who swears every time he speaks. That gets old in a hurry.

The plot was uneven at times, but for the most part, I really enjoyed it as well. The end certainly took me by surprise.

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