Friday, May 15, 2009

Mini Review: Murder in Grub Street

Time for another review. This time on Murder in Grub Street by Bruce Alexander.

The book is set in London during the 1760's. The main character is Sir John Fielding, a real life magistrate of the time.

In this book Jeremy Proctor, 13 year old ward of Sir John (and our narrator) is about to start an apprentiship with a printer in nearby Grub Street. But the night before it begins, the printer, his family, and two apprentices are brutally murdered. The sole survivor is found with an axe in his hand, but Sir John feels that this makes things too easy. Will he find the killer?

I read the first book in the series two years ago, and have wanted to get back to this one ever sense. I must admit it was disappointing. The characters were still rich and the writing a great way to travel to another time and place.

The problem lay with the plot. It was sidetracked for much of the book by other going ons in the area. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I was surprised by the end. In fact, I had the entire thing figured out about half way through, killer, motive, the works.

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