Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mini Review: Killer Cruise

Today's mini review finds us talking about Killer Cruise by Laura Levine. (My, don't we sound pretension referring to ourselves in the first person plural.) This is the eighth novel about freelance writer Jaine Austen.

In this book, Jaine has landed herself a free vacation ona cruise ship. All she has to do is teach three one hour classes on "Writing Your Life Story." Her parents are flying to LA to house and cat sit. Jaine is looking forward to a week of fun and relaxation.

Of course, those plans go south before she even gets on board the ship when she finds that her cat, Prozac, has stowed away. Now she has to keep the cat a secret. But things go from bad to worse when someone on board is stabbed and one of Jaine's new friends is accused of the crime. Can she find the killer.

It's no secret I love this series, and the latest book is no exception. This is a comedic series, and the laughs are plentiful once again. There are several sub-plots that are more prominent in the first half, but once the murder takes place, there are some nice clues and red herrings before the ending.

My favorite part of this book, however, was the exchanges between Jaine and her parents (mostly from her parents) about the havoc they were causing in her life back in Los Angeles.

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