Friday, May 22, 2009

Mini Review: 3rd Degree

Yep, it's about time I got back to these, so let's look at 3rd Degree by James Patterson.

This book starts with Homicide Inspector Lindsay Boxer on a Sunday morning run. But she just happens to end her run right by a building that literally explodes. When another death occurs, news reporter Cindy starts getting messages from the villains. Can this quartet of ladies find them before they kill again? And what will happen when it become personal?

Yes, I've actually started reading James Patterson this year, or at least this series. I consider them junk food. Yes, even more so than what I normally read. Engrossing books when you are reading them, but forgetable the instant you stop. This was no exception. The plot moved forward quickly, keeping me glued to the page. And the extremely short chapters made it easy to justify reading just a bit more. Of course, they also make things much choppier than they need to be.

And that also reflects on the characters. Something truly tragic happens in this book, and I felt very little. They are merely props to be pushed around by the plot and not living people.

Even so, I enjoyed the book. Don't expect anything substantial from it, and you will too.

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