Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crazy Busy Life

Okay, so that pretty much just applies to the weekends. But still.

My parents have been through town twice in the last week. They were heading down to San Diego to attend some family friends' daughter's college graduation. We had dinner on Thursday and hung out for a few hours on Sunday. It was a good visit.

But that's not all.

I have a new roommate, a senior businiess major, so you know he's a good guy. His name is Daniel, which was also my college roommate's name. Yep, I have had so many roommates I am starting to recycle names.

And Saturday was busy but fun. Okay, so the day didn't start out fun. I helped a couple friends from church move. They had enough people show up that we were done in three hours flat. That's nice because it was over 100 degrees both days this weekend.

From there, I dropped by the employee picnic here at work. Sat around and talked to friends for an hour or so.

At that point, I actually went home and soaked up blessed air conditioning for a couple hours. Then I went out again for my friend Kenny's birthday. We started with dinner at BJ's, then hung out for a while. 4 babies under six months there.

Normally on my lunch hour, I sit around and read. But this week I've gone out to lunch twice. Monday was with my friend Joe and today was with Chris. Both were nice times.

And I think my shoulder is just about healed! I can actually raise it above my head and feel just the tiniest twinge of pain. Hopefully if I give it another week or two, I can get back to working out. I guess I'll use the work outs from Cross Fits main page since Ryan and Charis are putting FitQuest on indefinite hiatus. Yes, I understand. But I'm bummed, too.

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