Friday, October 26, 2007

The Rest of Last Weekend

So when I blogged earlier this week, I talked about the fire. You know, the big news in the area.

But that wasn't all I did last weekend.

See, I started the weekend by heading to Disneyland on Saturday. Yep, time for the annual Master's Disneyland day.

This year, I went with Angelique and her friend John. Finally got to meet him!

I actually got there early for a change (normally, I'm rushing up to our meeting place at 8:15.) In fact, as I got out of my car and started walking toward the tram, I spotted Angelique in front of me. Which worked out well since she had the poster from the lauch party I missed the weekend before in her car. So we transfered that over before we entered the park.

Despite the fact that we went straight for the new submarine ride, we still had to wait an hour and a half for it. It was fun to be riding them again, and the stuff they've got in the cave (which is where all the Finding Nemo stuff is) was spectacular.

What was a shame was by the time we were done with that, lines were faily long all over the park. But we still managed to keep at it and get everthing done. No time for repeats, but we did everything.

And I bought pins. The restraint I thought I would show? Went right out the window. Spent about $100 on pins. I am thinking about getting an annual pass, but this is the best arguement I've heard to not get one. See, if I don't have an annual pass, I won't be tempted to spend as much money on pins. Wait, I've been driving down there and buying pins anyway. Never mind.

I hadn't slept well the night before at all, and thought I might need to crash at some point. But the only time I started dozing off was near the end of Pirates. Other then that, I was going strong all day. In fact, John and Angelique left about 11 PM, but I stayed until midnight.

Of course, I have spent most of the week paying for it. Between that and the stress and not sleeping Sunday night, I have been having trouble getting up in the morning all week. Hopefully I can get some rest this weekend and truly get back in the swing of things.


Fire update:

I don't know if everything in my area is out, but everything is definitely under control. The ironic thing is the air quality has gone down. Without the wind to push it away, the smoke is hanging around the area. Which means I am still praying for rain to clean the air. None in the forecast, however.

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