Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last Weekend

So yesterday I posted about the weekend that had just passed, but I'd like to flash back to the first weekend of the month today. See, I had a busy weekend that weekend.

Friday the 5th, I only worked a half day. In the afternoon, I drove up to visit my parents for the weekend. But first, I stopped off to visit Donald and Heather and their new house. Donald grilled burgers, and the three of us had a great visit. The only problem was I got there later then I had intended and we didn't have time to play a game. :(

Saturday was a family wedding. It was my mom's cousin's step-daughter. That was down in the Bay Area, so we had to drive down there. But it was a nice evening. We left just after they cut the cake, but it was already close to 9 PM.

Sunday, we got together with some family friends and took a drive out to the coast, stopping and walking along the way. And we celebrated my mom's birthday, which was that Tuesday. She loved the card I got for her.

To understand this card, you must know that she is always kidding about everyone in the family being her "favorite." She tells me, my brother, and my sister-in-law this.

The front of the card says, "I wouldn't say you are my favorite member of the family." Then you open it to read "At least not on the front of the card. Happy birthday, favorite." I didn't think she was going to open the card for a minute she was so busy pretending to pout, but she did open it and she did love it.

Monday, I headed back home, stopping to see Donald again along the way. Since he had the day off (Columbus Day), we got in a round of The Stock Market Game. I was so close to winning. Literally two turns. Yet he won again as always. Some day, Donald, I will beat you again!

And I got back just in time to start watching that night's Dancing with the Stars to blog for The Disney Blog.

That was a lot of driving in one weekend. But it was a good weekend.


Kiefler said...

Yes, Mark, someday you will beat me, but according to this,

theory, you may find that hell will never freeze over.

Mark said...

So I will beat you before Hell freezes over. I can live with that.