Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It's been an interesting 48 hours here.

I'm sure by now you've heard about the first in Southern CA. It seems they are everywhere. At least that's true in my town.

One of the early fires started outside a town north east of us. The crazy Santa Anna winds blew it quickly toward town. By nightfall Sunday night, it was getting close to my condo. I decided to leave when I could see it coming down the hill across the street. Both my roommates stayed and never had to evacuate. But I went to stay with some friends across town.

My boss and several others I know had to evacuate that night as well.

After I left, they closed the road in front of my complex.

By Monday morning, it was well away from my condo moving toward the west part of town. Then Monday afternoon, another fire started, also on that side of town. Both are now out of town and moving toward others to put them in danger.

Just when I was beginning to breath a sigh of releaf this morning, we've had a couple more small fires here in town. Both are supposed to be under control, but the sky is pretty smokey.

What does worry me is another report of a fire northeast of town again. The winds have died down, so it should mean that one travels much more slowly. And, with the other fire already having come through, it seems like it would be harder for it to find areas to travel and cause new damage. Either way, I guess I will continue to moniter the situation again tonight.

I hope the winds really do die completely in the next 24 hours. Even more exciting would be rain. None in the forecast, but we sure could use it.


Matt said...

Where is the "hill across the street" in relation to where I used to park when I visited your place?

faith said...


I remembered past fires in Cali, and only till I saw a reporter on the news reporting from your specific area did I worry about you, I had no idea it was so close to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Mark said...

Matt - They are putting more condos in where you used to park. This was down about half a block and across the street. Across from the street at the north edge of my complex.

Faith - Thanks for the prayers. Things are definitely quieter now. Glad to see you, my friend.

Aunt Bee said...

At AWANA tonight we had 13 girls in T&T and I think five or six asked for prayers about the fires, and only one of those was for general safety for firefighters and people in the path of danger. The rest were for people they knew personally; some with houses and businesses gone, some evacuated from their homes, etc. I was amazed, and then I realized that I have a niece down that way who is keeping an eye on the fires and has a place to go to in mind if she needs it.

I thought your comment that the fires are "moving toward others to put them in danger" was poignant. It is natural to be relieved when you are out of danger, but of course others will have homes and lives at risk.

Prayers from myself and 13 sweet little girls.