Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cars and Busy Weekends

The last week has been so busy I don't know whether I am coming or going any more.

Most of last week my car was in the shop. It had been idoling very rough. There was no way I was heading to northern California this week with it acting up. Also, it was time for my 90K turn up anyway, so I took it in. Turned out I had a cracked valve in one cylnider. I am so thankful that my warrentee was still good. Another six weeks and it would have cost me $3,500.

Not that the trip was cheap. The 90K service is expensive. And they also found a cracked axel. Since that was in the same area as my accident in 2001, they wouldn't cover that with my warrentee. So I still had to pay a couple pretty pennies. But it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

They had some problems with the axel, so I didn't get my car back until Friday afternoon. Which was just in time for my crazy weekend.

Friday night, I went to see downhere in concert down in Thousand Oaks. That was great. I really do like their music. And I got to have my picture taken with the band after the concert.

Saturday, I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Debbie had gotten some free tickets before she moved, and they expired the end of September. It was a last minute plan, but we still managed to get Josh, Bonnie, and their two kids, Angelique, Clint, and myself there. It was fun, although it's not something I'd rush back to. But I can't complain about the price. Free is always the right price.

Then Sunday, I left church as soon as it was over to rush down to the West Hollywood Book Fair. Joanne Fluke and Laura Levine were there selling their just released novella collection Candy Cane Murder. Of course I had to get a copy. Angelique got down there a little before I did, so we hung out for a while and caught up with another couple authors we enjoy. I only spent a couple hours there because the fair is rather small. What was nice is it was divided by subjects, so all the mystery booths were in one area.

Compared to all that, this week has been rather quiet. Trying to write as many reviews as I can while watching TV shows. Gotta get stocked up for this weekend so I'll have some to post from out of town. And it helps that I seem to have a backlog of things to review right now.

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