Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Moving Down and Out

This weekend was the big move. No, not mine (for a change). My friends Kurt and Kellie moved from an apartment to their first house. They had a whole group helping them Sunday afternoon. Took us about 3 hours. It was in the 70's, which made things hot. And their apartment was on the third story of their building, so it took lots of energy. But with as many people helping as there were, it wasn't as hard as it could have been.

After we finished, we swam for a little while. The water was cold, but it was lots of fun.

In other news this weekend, I went to see Pride. And, based on the box office, I was one of the few. Which is a shame since it was a good movie. And inspiring true story type of things, but I really liked it.

Which is funny since I guess I was supposed to be upset by it. Looking at the rating at IMDB shocked me. It's in the bottom 100. And people are rating it lowly because it is supposed to be racist. Yes, this is about an African American swim team. And the team that becomes their rivals is white. But this was 1974 Philadelphia. Those scenes rang true to me. And they weren't overdone.

Furthermore, not all the African American characters were good. And all the characters were flawed.

Then there's the theme of the movie, Pride is earned. Translation, before you can be proud of yourself, you need to work hard. That applies to anyone no matter their background.

I guess I don't get the controversy. I thought it was a great movie. So don't listen to the critics. Go see it yourself.

In other news, the weather sure has been weird. It was in the mid 70's over the weekend, but today was cold. It was raining for about 20 minutes today. One of my co-workers said it was sleet. It's definitely cold out there again. But by Thursday, it is supposed to be nice again.

March weather. You just can't count on it.

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