Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fun Times

This last weekend was a blast.

My parents came for a visit, which was wonderful. I spent the entire weekend with them at their trailer. The weather has warmed up to Spring, so we swam both days. Saturday, we met up with Angelique, Debbie, and her uncle at Mountasia where Dad and I tied for the win. Then we went to Souplantation. Have I mentioned I love that place?

Then Sunday we went to church, where they got to finally meet my friends Kurt and Kellie. Plus they got to hear Pastor Jon preach. And he hit it out of the park talking about the background of The Lord's Supper. Especially the part about how "This is a new covenant in my blood" is actually taken from the traditional marriage proposal at the time. Really made me stop and think.

And Kurt and Kellie got me a birthday present, too, which was a nice surprise. I'll have to exchange the shoes for the right size, but with the Billabong shirt and thongs, I'll definitely be cool this summer, right? (Don't answer that.)

Then last night, Paul and I went to go see Amazing Grace. He wasn't super impressed, but I really liked it. Well acted. It took a little effort at first to follow who was who, but it didn't take long to get swept up in the film.

I also finished Key Lime Pie Murder, which I really enjoyed.

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