Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another Crazy Weekend Down

After several quiet weekends at home, it seems I've suddenly hit a ton of busy weekends in a row. This was another one.

Friday night, I was actually home. Watched the season finales of Monk and Psych. I must say, I don't think any show but Monk could make a nose bleed funny. Best line? "I think I'll call you 'soft serve.'" "Thank you."

Saturday was when the fun began. I started by heading to Mysteries to Die For for a book signing by a new author. I'd met him at Laura Levine's launch party last year, so I had to get the book. Hopefully, I'll enjoy it. I finished up there just in time to come back, buy the new VeggieTales, and make it to Pete and Stacey's wedding. It was very nice, and I got to catch up with Josh and Bonnie at the reception.

Then Sunday, it was off and running again. After church and talking to my family, I headed down to the launch party for Key Lime Pie Murder (which I get to start reading tonight!). Angelique came, too, and it was great to catch up with her. After the official party, we were invited back to Joanne's house for the after party, which was fun as well. A day spent hob nobbing with a best selling author. (Yes, that was me bragging.)

On top of all this running around, I just couldn't sleep. I would go to bed later then I should and wake up before 6AM wide awake and ready to go. Naturally, this made me very tired in the afternoons.

Other then that, life has been pretty quiet. We didn't have youth group last week because the Christian school was having their annual open house.

The one thing that will make life interesting is that Epinions is running another promotion right now. For every ten reviews you write during the month of March, you'll make $10. It would be easy enough to keep my average of one review a day going, except for the fact that I am busy just about every weekend this month. We'll see if I can do it or not.

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