Friday, August 25, 2006

The Trip (aka Catch up Part 1)

It's been over a week since I updated, so let's get to it.

Friday, I took off for parts north, more specifically my parent's. There was an accident on the way up, but the back up wasn't more then a mile or so, which really wasn't too bad. Other then that, the trip was uneventful, the best kind.

Unfortunately, things didn't turn out quite as planned before I left. My uncle and aunt didn't wind up coming with us camping, but I did get to see them for a few hours on Saturday, which was nice. My sister-in-law's family came over Saturday night, and we celebrated everyone's birthday.

That made it late when we left to go camping. Still, we got up their, got our spot, and then went to bed. After discovering that the refrigerator wasn't working right for the gas setting. We had to keep playing with it all weekend to get it to work right.

Sunday, we got up and going late. The rest of the family decided to hike into the nearby town. I had done it before, but forgotten just how far it was. As in two hours one way. That really wore me out. I was dragging by the time we got into town. Only because I didn't want to have anyone sitting with me waiting, I walked back, too. I probably really shouldn't have because I was wiped when I finally made it back. So, the part where my family tried to kill me was certainly the low point.

However, the weekend itself was wonderful. It was great to be back at Hendy Woods. I don't think I've been there for 9 years. And we had a great time hanging out and playing games. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have gone on that hike, but that's not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

Unfortunately, we had to leave Monday. We all wanted to stay another day or two. Had did with my SiL's folks and some of her family's friends.

Tuesday, on the way down, I got to see Donald and Heather and eat lunch with them. Had a really nice visit.

And that was my trip out of town.

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