Friday, August 11, 2006

So Tired....

I don't know why, but I have been dragging most of the week.

Granted, last Friday I didn't sleep well. And I didn't sleep well again Tuesday night. Fine. But then why haven't I caught up yet.

Wednesday night, I had the lights out by 10 and was asleep shortly there after. Last night, I was out by 10:30.

Both mornings I slept through my alarm clock.

And I still have been dragging all afternoon.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow when I get to sleep in until whenever I feel like getting out of bed.

What really scares me is the possibility that I could be getting sicker again. I'm hoping it just means my body is fighting something and will get better with a couple days of rest. But we'll have to see.

In other news, it's official. Nick is head to Azusa Pacific for at least a year. Not only does this mean I'm loosing a great friend, but he's been the force behind jr. high ministry for the last year. This is going to be hard to overcome.

Of course, I've seen this happen before. I know God will once again provide. I'm just doing my usual panic before He steps in.

You'd think I'd learn.

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