Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Since the Trip (aka Catch Up Part 2)

You know, generally when you post "catch up part 1" it's good to post part two soon. Not almost six days later.

You'd think things have been busy or something.

The Wednesday after I got back (a week ago), I saw the wound care specialist again. They thought the wound's discharge was a different color. I hadn't noticed. Took a culture and I got the results back on Monday. The results showed I had an infection and they put me back on anti-biotics. It's a mild drug, and the first time I've been on one since March.

Part of me doesn't know if this was good or not. I've been hearing all along "Of course it's infected. That's why it won't heal." But I don't see the harm. After all, it is a ten day dose.

But the real shocker happened Thursday. Guess who is back in charge of worship time for the youth. Yep!

Actually, I'll probably be sharing it with one of my former co-leaders who is now in college and wants to join jr. high staff. Fine by me. We may alternate, which would give the kids a real variety. And that variety is a good thing. I played by guitar last Thursday for the first time in a while, and it felt great. We did requests, and I did fine even with the break. Of course, they picked songs I could have done in my sleep, which didn't hurt anything. And they are songs the youth really enjoy.

We don't quite have everything ironed out yet, so we'll have to see what develops.

Did nothing exciting over the weekend. Watched Arsenic and Old Lace when it was on TV. Not nearly as funny as the play, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

Been working like crazy to get caught up at work. Actually, did a pretty good job this week. Classes have started, so everything is back in full swing. Which means caf food instead of TV dinners.

Yes, the exciting eating habits of a bachelor. :)

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